Saturday, November 20, 2010


I am grateful for so many things these days. I feel blessed to experience life in the healthy condition I have. I can walk around, move in a way I want and express myself properly.
Some people who are ill or disabled might not be fortunate enough to do that.
I am grateful for this rose as a spark of hope this week. Because it means the seasons are changing soon.
But the old one did not leave quite yet.
The little things make my day.

The photo I chose is by H a n n a h_ . Since I struggle lately with getting used to early evenings, cold and wet days, this picture shows so much to me.
I am inspired by it. To catch the drops so perfectly myself one day. I am grateful for that inspiration I get here by you every week. And I am starting to like the rain.

Have a wonderful day today!

Suki of suki photography

. Drip drip drop
Drip drip drop by H a n n a h_


Kirstin Mckee said...

Oh Suki, these are such beautiful photos. And your words are a lovely lyrical accompaniment.

And Miles To Go... said...

beautiful words spoken here and the photos are a wonderful pairing.

justjulia said...

beautiful words, fabulous photos. It is always a struggle when the seasons change so it is good to have beautiful thoughts and images for comfort.

blue elephant photography said...

i love your post! the photos are great.

aclamp said...

a wonderful thing ot be grateful for! both images are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for choosing my photo, it has really made my day :) Beautiful words and thought as well.


Chris said...

Lovely photos.

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