Friday, November 26, 2010

grateful in numbers

I made a promise this year - I Michel Feist do solemnly declare that this, the year of two thousand & ten I will post three hundred & sixty five photos to thy blog. 

In my brain, at that time it felt like it was that big of a deal. no joke. William Shakespeare himself said the words in my head. Looking back on it now it still seems like an impossible task. I definitely had some bumps along the way but am in the home stretch now (45 days left) and I'm getting all sentimental. Everyone has a different reason for doing 365's and mine was simply to become so comfortable with my camera and its settings that it would eventually become an extension of my arm. Oh and perhaps have some fun along the way. What I didn't count on - but was pleasantly surprised by - was the people I met along the way. This last week I have been grumbling about this project, unhappy with the lack of light, pouting about the photo block I've been "enduring" when all the while have also been looking back in retrospect with complete gratitude. If one thing is for certain - I definitely wasn't alone this year. People all around me were cracking me up, documenting their real lives, telling great stories, chasing amazing light, making amazing portraits and reminiscing great memories of travel. Thank you all for allowing me to join in this path with you. Please share with me images of your own personal 365 or thoughts on it today. Are you planning on doing one this year? how bout' a 52 project if every day is too much?

My numbers and the numbers running through ewitsoe's head are of completely different heartache. The only thing they hold in common are that they have brought each of us to find gratitude. I urge you to read the story that follows this image. It took my breath away.

keep on keeping on muser peeps!
michel of wishful thinking

The special significance of numbers and the magic they truly hold
The special significance of numbers and the magic they truly hold


maureen said...

lovely photos, both of them.
I don't think I can commit to a 365 just yet.
I have begun my own weekly project, a year of nifty fifty.
Love all the photos you mentioned, and I'm so glad so many wonderful photogs are doing a 365, so many fab photos everyday to look forward to.

blue elephant photography said...

love the photos. i started a 365 project this yea called "all things bright and beautiful", so i took photos of anything that i found bright and beautiful and i try to write a note about it, a quote, a song, a haiku and such. there are times where the photo was not taken that same day, i might have taken a few days before, but at least i was able to post something for that day, i don't think i've missed a day yet...maybe.
anyway, it's hard to commit, but i try.

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

I am thinking that a Project 52 would be a great idea. 52 purple items? LOL!

AnnGeeDee said...

I'm getting close to the end of my 365 too and I'm already in mourning. I suppose I'll have to start another? Or some other daily photo practice? Any suggestions? I've shown myself that I CAN stick with it and I've loved every bit of it.

lucy said...

i've LOVED spending the year with you during our 365 projects! i did mine for similar reasons -- to learn and grow and be a little disciplined. once my project is done in december, i'm going to do a 52 week series of photo stories, which i hope will enhance my skills and take me new places.

thanks for getting my silly sense of humor. it's been a great year!

Kirstin Mckee said...

I'm not sure about a 365 myself, but I've so enjoyed looking at everyone else's. And sharing their stories along the way.
What a lovely year!

Bel said...

I am so amazed by people like you who undertake a 365 or 52 project. I wish I can bring myself to do it. I've been toying with the idea for sometime now, but I am afraid. I really commend you for your courage and efforts to make it through.

mosey said...

I love everything here, Michel - the photos, the stories behind them, the significance of something as simple as a number.

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