Monday, November 22, 2010

the gift of sight

shining through

" Poetry Photography lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar objects be as if they were not familiar."  Percy Bysshe Shelley (with a touch of poetic license).

I'm thankful every day for the gift I've been given... the ability to see the beauty amidst the mundane, and the wonder in the seemingly un-wonderful. 

My photo above was taken last spring, in the parking lot at the Cape Cod Mall.  This little tree was sparkling it's heart out while busy shoppers rushed by without a second glance.  I saw; I stopped; and I captured the light-filled wonder.  You'd never know that this tree was surrounded by blacktop and miles of parked cars.

Beverly of Life Stories Photography has found her own beauty in the parking lot at Walmart.  Her muted colors and wonderful texture create a unique vision of her everyday world.

I thank my lucky stars that not only have I been given the gift of sight, but that I get to share it with others seers like Beverly and all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving one and all.

Until next time.

-lucy @ a little light reading

316/365 by life stories photography


chasity said...

so much to be thankful for...
these photos are amazing.

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Wow! I gasped when the screen opened. Truly gorgeous photos!

Beverly said...

oh, thank you Lucy!!! you made my day xoxo

Marty said...

Love, love love the beautiful white goodness in that first photograph.
And Beverly your post processing is just stunning.

Haley said...

That first photograph is so so so wonderful. It is one of those photos that takes your breath away at first glance!

*megula* said...

These are absolutely amazing :)

blue elephant photography said...

oooh i love the tones of both photos :) they are so dreamy

Jan said...

wonderful wonderful wonderful!

Oliag said...

Thank you for sharing both of these...they are beautiful!

michel said...

wow lucy this is amazing. I would love to follow you around for a day, watching you take it all in. you truly see the beauty in the ordinary. what a gift you have

tortugachick said...

So inspirational and that the images were taken where most would not bother to look makes these even more so! Love the words, and the fact that both of you bothered to look! ♥

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