Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am at my worst in the depths of Winter, as my nearest and dearest are only too aware. But this year something wonderful happened. I took my camera and explored the winter landscapes, taking portraits indoors, practising shallow depths of field, macro; anything and everything was captured by my camera. And in the excitement of being creative (having studied nothing but science and maths for all those years) I forgot all about how much I truly hate Winter. It wasn't until April that I really started to discover flickr and in July I got seriously stuck in.

Now I have my two worlds: my real friends and family in my very real world, and my virtual friends in my lovely world of flickr. Two sets within a universal set with no intersections (remember all that maths I did…I can't help the Venn diagram simile). Until I met Xanthe, whose pictures I adore. We met earlier this month and had a magical time, talking, laughing, jumping on benches, taking photos and having fun.

Oh, I wish you could all have been there too, just as Damiec wrote so beautifully in her post---"I am so appreciative of the friendship, encouragement and community that I have found through flickr. Don't know if I'd tapped into this passion without this website and connecting with you".

Thank you all.

See you all next time for some shooting down low pictures.


wish you were here
wish you were here by damiec


lucy said...

oh i agree! it's amazing what the photography community has contributed to my life and my art. i love having all 3 of you as flickr contacts, and connecting through flickr, shutter sisters and mortal muses, and photo workshops. i'm so thankful!

xanthe said...

thank YOU, these connections are real and then they become even better in real life! love this pic, big smiles x.

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Yay! I love my flickr and bloggy friends. ♥t

michel said...

awesome! this is so true. These connections are real. I love that you two had an amazing day.

Holly { Soupatraveler } said...

oh kristin, i am soooo with you here! not only are these both stunning photos, but i can only second, third and forth the sentiments!

Stephanie said...

I have yet to meet any of my tremendous flickr friends in person but I hope to someday and I am so excited about that possibility! It's the modern equivalent of pen pals and I love the idea of connecting with folks who have similar passions! You guys are adorable!

Andree said...

What a great post: how inspiring and happy! That's a great shot of two good friends!

Funny, I used to be wary of the net and "virtual" "friends" - but I too can say I have made a couple of friendships via this sorta crazy "world" but hey, what's the difference compared to an old-fashioned pen pal?!

I'd so love to meet up in person one day with my pals! You're a lucky girl : - )

tortugachick said...

I love this post and I concur with everything you've said here and what others have commented! I have yet to meet, in real life ... ANYONE that shares my passion for photography! And the two short years I have been on Flickr, I have 'met' so many amazing people and it is my dream to meet some of you IRL some day!

P.S. Winter is not my month but I embraced it last year, like you; with my camera! :D

Jan said...

Soooo true!
I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the shots from your day together. It's so evident that you two had an awesome time!
Makes me smile, looking at them all :)

damiec said...

well, I definitely feel this way too!

I haven't had a real life meet-up, but I know it's only a matter of time. And in the meantime, it's amazing to me how sustaining my virtual friendships have become.

thank you, sweet Kirstin, for featuring my photo. you made my day!

Chris said...

Wonderful post. I love the Muse concept and the love shared on flickr. Truly a collaborative group!

Jen said...

great idea, great blog, how can I be a muser??

Stampmouse said...

its amazing how much the internet has brought people together and when we meet in person it makes it all the more special I think

Barb said...

Found this blog via twitter. Such a happy post!

blue elephant photography said...

i am grateful for bloggy and flicker friends :) love both photos!

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