Monday, November 15, 2010

the bokeh hunter

Sometimes I feel like the bokeh hunter. There's a shortcut just near me, a narrow path enclosed by trees; I call it bokeh alley. My family laugh when I tell them I am going down bokeh alley where everything is magical and my camera and I get to have some quality time together. Those trees are the best at making that light so special; isn't it lovely the way you can get bokeh not just from the light bouncing off leaves, but also as it squeezes between the bare branches? Here is Miles picking a windfall apple; and there's that evening light doing that bokeh thing again, transforming bare branches into something else quite magical.

Holly is a mistress of beautiful bokeh; I chose this picture of hers because again the light is pushing around those branches and reflecting off the leaves to make a wonderful combination of twinkly and colourful bokeh.

See you all next time for some gratitude.


Giving Thanks
Giving Thanks by soupatraveler


Oliag said...

I adore both photos! Both speak not only of bokeh but of autumn to me...Lovely!

Stampmouse said...

you have me totally convinced. I recently bought a 50 mm with a 1.8 stop (love this lens) and have just placed my order for some bokeh discs.

Jamie said...


urban muser said...

beautiful bokeh!

blue elephant photography said...

so beautiful!

Holly { Soupatraveler } said...

oh kristin, thanks for showering my shot with some love! i truly appreciate it! I first got your message this morning and it made my day! finally online to say thanks! i'm loving all these latest posts and learning new things too!

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