Monday, November 29, 2010


Down low happens much more than we expect. I often forget that.
A few days ago I took this shot and realized that there is much more we could look for on the ground.
Maybe reflections, raindrops in a puddle, leaves, forgotten notes or candy wrappers. In these dark and dreary days of the upcoming winter, we must look everywhere for inspiration. Even if it might be on the ground.

I loved the picture of MarieLouise {more outside than inside} because, simply I am a sucker for bokeh and puddle reflections.

Thanks for so much beauty in the Mortal Muses flickr pool. See you in 9 days, my friends!


It's magical
It's magical by MarieLouise {more outside than inside}

The Winner of  the WE ARE THANKFUL blog hop giveaway,
 a Holga Starter Kit, is Linkup #28 - ROSIE GREY.


And Miles To Go... said...

beautiful. Love the sparkly bokeh captured.

Kirstin Mckee said...

Suki, you are so right. Inspiration is everywhere! Beautiful pics.

maureen said...

You are so right about the treasures found low down. How cool you caught mr bird out for his stroll. And what amazing bokeh in MarieLouise's photo.

Oliag said...

what incredible puddle sparkle! Love it! ...and your pigeon eye view...beautiful!

blue elephant photography said...

i will take your word - look for inspiration everywhere...
i love both photos, i feel the winter mood on yours and a rainy mood on marielouise =)

Jen said...

oh I love that pigeon shot!!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Awesome photos!

Rosie said...

Stunning photos!
And thanks so much for the beautiful gift!!!

Jamie said...

Beautiful photos - love the perspective

Chrys said...

Lovely shots. I especially like how the puddle picture is almost made a monochrome by the golden tones in the shoes.

Expressions By Christine said...

A lovely puddle of bokeh...I need to look down low more often for such treasures!

michel said...

exploring the ground is my favorite! I love what you found in your bird shot! and that puddle bokeh is amazing! great shots suki!

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