Wednesday, November 17, 2010

autumn's sparkeh

If you recall I received a postcard from Summer earlier this year -  she dumped me. It was sad but it needed to happen. I was becoming way too dependent on her anyhow. I quickly rebounded to a handsome fellow called Autumn. ohh he was dreamy and knew just what to say. He was full of charisma & held unexpected elegance & spontaneity. In the morning we would be bundled up in wool, romping though the grass with toques on only to have the afternoon shine down the sun's warmth leaving us stripped to bare skin holding hands by the lake.  But alas he was just passing through with the carnival again this year and needed to get back on the road. I am alone once again. I have a feeling I am going to hunker down in this solitary season for awhile. I think I need some me time. If my relationship with Autumn taught me anything, is was to follow the light and get yourself some bokeh brilliance every chance you get. You never know when the next twist of light will come to give you a beautiful blurry sparkle.

I wonder what kind of love affair my Autumn had with Ciscolo. This image is breathtakingly gorgeous - I can only imagine the day they had together.

keep on keeping on muser peeps,
michel of wishful thinking

delicious autumn  154/365
delicious autumn 154/365 by Ciscolo


blue elephant photography said...

i love love your post michel - and yes that summer post was epic too! i love the bokeh on both photos :)

lucy said...

those carnival boys. they're SO fickle!

love both shots -- beautiful!

Terry's Girl said...

Ummmm....ooooooh....awkward. Winter told me to tell you he said "Hi".

Beauty shots of our beloved Fall.

Marty said...

This was such a fun post...and what lovely pictures!!

April said...

both pictures are stunning!

Oliag said...

These two photos compliment each other so well...and I just love your words...Mr Autumn has been treating me very well this year...and hanging around a little longer:)

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Great post Michel! Lovely photos!

Lisa RedWillow said...

Love the Bokeh. Getting dumped is not fun but you make it sound so.
Keep smiling

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