Thursday, October 21, 2010

and the next theme is... night photography

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are growing longer (in the northern hemisphere at least). You could be sad that we'll see the sun less, or you could rejoice that will we will have more hours of darkness. What, you say? Celebrate the night?

Our next theme is NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY, and let's celebrate the wonderful light of night. There is nothing like it! Streetlights, headlights, the light that spills from windows... the world changes when the sun goes down. If you've never shot at night, stop by this Muse University post on night photography to give you some starting tips. And then share your results in the Flickr pool. Show us what you found in the night! Be sure to include some info with your photo on how you captured the image (handheld? tripod with long exposure?) so we can all learn more.

Tomorrow, we start our 9 Days Of Inspiration with giveaways and special guest musings.  Make sure to visit the blog each day and leave some comment love.  We will be drawing the winners from the comments left during the entire 9 Days on all three muse pages and announcing them in a special *muse flash* on October 31. Make sure to visit and comment each day for more chances to win.

We are looking forward to seeing how you've wow'ed us with your INSPIRE US photos and words.  

See you in the night,


lucy said...

yay -- i love night photography! looking forward to it.

Jan said...

Awesome muse theme!!! I was honestly just thinking about this last night, that I should be trying more of it after reading Kat's totally inspirational post the other day.
Perfect! :)

urban muser said...

sounds fun! it will get me to try something new.

mosey said...

Zoiks! This is going to be a challenge for me!

Gem said...

Really enjoying the Muses...and have posted a night shot onto the group - a candelabra full of melting candles from my friend's wedding - held on a 41 degree celcius evening! There are some great night shots creeping in!

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