Monday, September 6, 2010

on the edge

Whatever the story - whatever the angle, an antique represents a memory to me first and foremost.

I don't have a lot of treasures saved in form of tangible archives, although I am in love with a lot of "things" which I know at any moment could be gone.

The love of my life gave me this old wooden box to carry around my photography equipment. It also seconds as a box for subjects to sit on, lean on and stand on. I found out this week that it was given to him on his 13th birthday by his best friend. What a legacy I am carrying around with me. I now cherish it even more.

I think that part of being an antique is the story that goes along with it. Thank you all for sharing your legacies. It has been an amazing journey to follow along with you through your favourite keepsakes.

Most times "just right" is oh so perfect - soupatraveler nailed it.

Oh boy digity doy!
I am so excited about the reflections theme - you have no idea!
see you in a few!

Cheers to Your Weekend!
Cheers to Your Weekend! by soupatraveler


Kirstin Mckee said...

Michel, such a wonderful story. That is quite a legacy. And loving Holly's picture too. Gorgeous colours and such a lovely story.

lucy said...

what a gift your honey gave you -- i am a girl who gets excited about boxes anyway, but as you say, it's the backstory that makes it so meaningful.

love that both your photos are of vessels that are full of meaning and bathed in light. beautiful.

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

I love that Soupatraveler uses her antique goblets. I love items with a "past."

AnnGeeDee said...

love the focus on the goblet. Great work!

soupatraveler - holly said...

wow michel! i'm honored that your chose my goblet! i absolutely adore your box and completely agree with your sentiments. sometimes, its the emotion behind the "antique" that creates the treasure, and boy do i have a boatload of those...much to my husband's dismay!

Jamie said...


maureen said...

love the story of your treasured wooden box & the way you shot it. And i loved soupatravelers photo when is first saw it in the flickr pool, love the colors

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