Thursday, September 9, 2010

A microwave reflection

Reflections can be a honest truth about ourselves. How we roll. What we like, and what not.
Reflections can be mirrors.. They can show you how you look today revealing your beauty in it's fullest way.
Reflections are raw and honest. Yet they never hide your beauty.

Once again I was stunned at what kind of beauty gathers in the flickr pool. This beauty contributed by Angie JJD captured the theme so perfectly.

I so enjoy looking at everyone's pictures in the pool. Keep them coming!

Spiegelbilder können sehr ehrliche Wahrheiten über uns enthüllen. Wie wir funktionieren.
Was wir mögen und was nicht.
Spiegelungen können Spiegelbilder erzeugen. Sie zeigen dir, wie du heute aussieht und geben deine volle Schönheit preis.
Spiegelbilder sind ehrlich und nackt. Jedoch verhüllen sie niemals deine Schönheit.

Ich war wieder sehr erstaunt und scheine jede Woche aufs neue von der wundervollen Arbeit im flickr pool überrascht zu sein. Angie JJD hat dieses Thema perfekt eingefangen.

Ich liebe es alle Bilder im pool anzuschauen. Weiter so!

223/365 Shower Time!
shower time by Angie JJD


maureen said...

lovely photos Suki, Angie's photo is so sweet, such an everyday moment, beautifully captured.

Kirstin Mckee said...

Suki, your words are beautiful. And your pictures are perfect!

gibknitty said...

these are beautiful. i love the jar placed in front of the microwave...looks like jam?? great shots!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful images

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Great reflection, Suki. Angie's photo makes me smile and captures youth perfectly!

Rosie said...


michel said...

perfection today suki! you really must teach me german! xox

aclamp said...

love them both!

Kat said...

Love the creativity of the reflection in the microwave Suki! Like a double portrait, of home and its creator. And Angie's shower reflection is too cute!

Jamie said...

This challenge is really bringing out the creative in the group - amazing

Angie said...

Thanks for including my photo! You made my day!

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