Sunday, September 12, 2010

let's meet up!

After attending the Scott Kelby world photowalk this July, I had an idea. Why wait every year to do this?  Friends and I have always gone out together to take photos, sometimes we chose themes, sometimes it is just an excuse to walk around together to share good conversation and to learn from each other. So, I decided to start our own photowalk. I blogged about it, told all my friends that possess the 'shutter bug', scouted a location, sent out an email, people told some other people and away we went! We had a blast, it was a bit windy, but throughout the day, we learned things about our cameras, we met new people but most of all, we had fun!

Don't have any fellow photog peeps? Please let us help you find some. On the little black book page, we have started a bit of a "where are you in the world" list to help people find each other. At Mortal Muses, we really want to promote community. Yes, we love photography and the art of making beautiful photos. We love to feature your photos and share ours with you, but first and foremost, we want to make the world a little smaller. Nothing beats having a friend who shares your passion.

Share with us your ideas of setting up photo walks in your city, or ones you know of already. Are there camera clubs in your area that you would like to tell us about? Share your communities with us today.

If you would like to add your name to the little black book, please email us at mortalmuses @

Happy walking!



AmyBean said...

I love that I'm the only one in Nebraska. :-P

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

We have several photographers in Florida. I would love to set up a photowalk in Orlando or St. Augustine when it cools off more. :) Drop me an email, if you are interested.

Jamie said...

What a great idea! Hoping for a few more Utah folks to sign up

Megan Belcher said...

Awesome! I emailed to be added to the Little Black Book ;)

blue elephant photography said...

i hope to see more in oklahoma lol i know brooke martin is from here but i think she's still trying to rest from her surgery.

michel said...

we should rent a big bus/submarine and do a cross the world tour! it would be great to meet all of you. we hope that some of you are able to make a connection here -please share them with us when you do!

Carola Bartz said...

This sounds like a wonderful idea! I would love to go on photowalks with like minded people!

Unknown said...

if anyone is ever visiting on cape cod, look me up and i'm happy to share my favorite spots with you.

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