Wednesday, September 15, 2010

inner connection & self reflection

Perhaps it is just the time of year or the change of a season, but at this time every year I notice that I am far more self aware. I tend to see the bigger picture just a little bit clearer.

I have fun with reflections on my blog a lot; with people, on the streetdowntown, at the coffee shop, of birds and night walking.

Needless to say this theme and I got along swimmingly. But as I try to do each week, I wanted to take a new photo to share with you and with all this self reflection going on here - I chose to make a self portrait (mostly). Fittingly enough, I chose to pair it with another selfie in urban muser's shot.

How do you reflect on the changes of season or connect with your inner self?  Show us some photos of your inner connection or some words on how you are reflecting these days.

til next time,

convex reflection
convex reflection by urban muser


And the winner of Lucy's giveaway, a lovely copy of The Sea Day By Day by renowned marine photographer Philip Plisson is Kyria!  Please email us your address so we can send your gift.


Kirstin Mckee said...

MIchel, I love your post and picture selection.

gibknitty said...

wow, thanks for putting my photo up today. i had fun shooting that one. i can't tell you how many cars drove by and beeped at me because i was partially standing in the street to get the right angle. love your photo michel. thanks again!!

soupatraveler - holly said...

wonderful! just love both of these!

April said...

HUM, now I need to go think about my inner connection! Beautiful shots :)

Terry's Girl said...

What great reflection shots. Love te dreaminess in both of them.

blue elephant photography said...

both are fun shots! i sit at coffee shops sipping latte while doing some inner reflection.

Jamie said...

Both such lovely photos!

mosey said...

Love the texture and feel of both photos.

maureen said...

Love your shot with the puddle. This theme has me seeing reflections where i never saw them before. I didn't look for them, so I didn't see them. And i'm amazed at the clear, beautiful reflections i find in puddles.
how fun this has been.

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