Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The chill in the air

Summer is my absolute favourite season. I wait all year for those long days and short nights, for the heat, the dresses, the holidays, the meals in the garden, the paddling pools, the lollies. The end of summer is something I am always in denial about; not until the trees are nude do I concede that the season might have changed and winter is on its way. Again. As the days lengthened in April, we celebrated each glorious lavender sunset (courtesy of the Icelandic volcano) by going to our local park. We jumped down the hill in sheer delight. Because we could. Because we wanted to. Because summer was starting.

And as we sensed we were heading into the final days of summer, we visited the park again, trying to recapture some of those moments. Instead, perhaps because of the chill in the air, perhaps because we could, perhaps because we wanted to, we lay on the grass and looked at the clouds, lit up by the sunset. We talked about autumn and made plans for cosy nights indoors and the snowmen we would build.

I chose Erika's picture because it symbolised her personal farewell to summer in such a simple but effective way. And I loved her words as she said good-bye to all the things that made Summer for her.

Good-bye to summer.
Good-bye to lazy 365 days. Care at least 50% of the time.
Good-bye to long days.
Good-bye to humidity.
Good-bye to the flip-flops.

51: 365 by {.erika.}


blue elephant photography said...

love both photos, there is peace...a nice goodbye =|

Karin van D. said...

Beautiful, both pictures. I think the saying goodbye to summer is bittersweet. I hang on to summer as long as I can, but when I surrender, I surrender fully, by embracing the winter and loving the coziness inside.

Kat said...

Hello hoodies and good-bye flip flops. Perfect end of summer photo combo!

urban muser said...

i have not let go of my flip flops yet... i will wear them as long as possible. the forecast here is for 87F on friday! beautiful photos.

April said...

lovely photos! I haven't given up my flip flops either, but it won't be too long until I have to say good bye :)

alison said...

The DOF in your first shot, with the sunlight bokeh hanging over the girls is just magical. Print that one out!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

In Florida, we never really say goodbye so I will be wearing my flip-flops all year. I'll be thinking of you in your sweaters and boots. (evil grin)

michel said...

I just love both of these shots - the grass, the pov. why why why are we killing ourselves with this? 9 days of saying good bye! *tear*

good bye summer, flip flops, warm, t-shirts, fun, beaches and smiles. how I love thee

Erika said...

Thanks again!

Terry's Girl said...

Yes...good bye summer...and freezing cold in office air conditioning while the sun beams at me from out side.
Hello Fall.
The one time of year I can dress comfortabley both for in the office and outdoors with the same outfit.
Fantastic pictories today!!

maureen said...

Oh kristin, i so agrea with you. i love summer. i love the heat & i love the freedom of wearing summer clothes.
Beautiful shots, both. I shall continue to wear my flip flops as long as possible, but the time nears . . .

xo mo

Jamie said...

I feel like I've had nearly 5 years of summer and I'm not sure how I feel about facing an actual winter in the US this year, where snow and cold is the norm

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