Thursday, August 26, 2010

under the surface


This post should be titled inspiration.

I thought this week's prompt would be simple.  I love black and white photography and although I don't often shoot in that format, I enjoy processing portraits and cityscapes into b/w.   But I was so overwhelmed by what I was seeing in the pool that in the end I decided to let your photos be my guide.  I could easily have done a post for each day of the week (do you think the other muses would mind?).

I bounced back and forth between human and animal portraits, landscapes, and macro views of exquisite tiny objects.  In the end, I kept coming back to the photo below by Kat Eye View.  To be honest, the story behind this other photo by Kat, of a rustic wall and window in Italy, also had me nodding in acknowledgment.  I too, sometimes unconsciously, look for the flaws when I am shooting a photograph, or writing, or editing.  Not following the rules, not being perfect, these are personality traits I possess (as anyone who knows me could attest to).  It had seldom occurred to me to embrace these traits and make them part of my creative expression.  What a revelation.

I've always loved sneak peeks into someone else's existence, even if it is old and broken down and without a roof.  My photo is of the warden's house on Alcatraz, the former prison now a tourist destination.  The prison itself is fascinating, but I found myself captivated by the other buildings where the staff and their families once resided.  Someone cooked, bathed, laughed, lived here - even within shouting distance of a concrete building housing some of the worst of the criminals of that time.  Life doesn't fit into a neat little box.  Neither should my photography.

How does your character express itself in your photos? 


Blank Slate
Uploaded by Kat Eye View on 10 Jul 10, 1.46PM PDT.

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lucy said...

Oh, Kim and Kat -- your photos speak directly to my love of old buildings for just the reasons you express. I was struck by both of Kat's photos in the b&w group and loved the polarity in them -- stark yet warm, dark yet light. And Kim, your Alcatraz shot -- well, how compelling and beautiful! A glimpse into past lives. If I was in your neck of the woods, I'd want to go on a photo walk with both of you!

*megula* said...

sosoSO beautiful!

blue elephant photography said...

the photos give out this eerie feeling, they are beautiful and they make me think the same - that at one point...someone cooked, bathed, laughed, lived here like Kim said.

gibknitty said...

these are so stunning. they make me want to work harder on getting better B&W shots.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Agreed, life doesn't fit into a neat little box. Not at all.

How does my character express itself in my photos? In the same way that I crumble beneath structure in my day-to-day life, I'm at my best photographically when I am spontaneous and open to what my intuition prompts. My photographs almost always find me. Searching for them usually leads to disappointment or something that feels forced or uncomfortable.

Both of these photographs are so intriguing. When I look at the top image I want to know what happened here and who spent their time inside these walls. The bottom image is less clear, it's difficult to tell if someone still resides in the space. I like the challenge. They are both very thought provoking.

Jamie said...

I love both of these! I find I'm drawn to photos of rustic items, damaged items or things showing their age, something about the character I feel there.

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

The picture of the room with the desk was entranced me since seeing it in the flickr pool. You can almost reach out and touch the loneliness. Great pairing. ♥t

RainCityGirl said...

Ooooo... I love this pairing! Well done ladies♥

Annje said...

I love the feel and the light in both photos. I think that is the reason I am drawn to old blgs too--thinking about all the life that happened there.

Kat said...

I love this discussion, and reading the words you put in this post really helps to further the thoughts started on my blog. I love your words "someone cooked, bathed, laughed, lived here..." - that captures the essence of what I see in the textures of old places. Thanks so much for selecting my photo and for the discussion here!

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