Sunday, August 22, 2010

memories and encouragement


I process a lot in B&W. But for this challenge I went back to my all time favourite. The one I will forever cherish. It was just 6 months after Jonah made his way to us. He was the most special little furry puppy I knew to that date. I have chosen this picture for a different reason, though. This picture was the first time I recognized a reflection somewhere. That's why it is so special, because life unfolded right through my viewfinder. And I had the pleasure to be fully aware of it. Holding it tight.

I really loved that the photographer on my featured picture reached out to touch others not only with her ability to create visual beauty. She also left her words for others to see. To remind them to live a kind life.
To be their own cheerleader in whatever the people who view this do. To gather strength.

Those two pictures fit perfectly for me, because they send me the very important reminder to pay attention to those small moments in life and to cheer yourself on. Nothing is too hard to do. If you want it, you can do it.

Picture Summer/Barefootin' It

I was so enchanted seeing once again a lot of wonderful B&W beauties in the flickr pool. If you haven't already come check it out.
Thank you people for making this journey so very much fun.
Keep shooting!

See you in 9 days :)


Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Thank you Suki for reminding us to look for the little things in life and to cherish them.

Michel said...

Oh I love both of these Suki. your pup's reflection is wonderful. beautiful. I love the "you can do it!" yes you can do it!!!, we must cheer ourselves on. great pair to remind us of that.

Jamie said...

Amazing photos! You gave me so much to think about today!

soupatraveler said...

wonderful words suki, thanks for the reminder...and for the choosing my shot, : ) its true though, there are so many reasons why not to do something, but there are so many more reasons to do it.

blue elephant photography said...

I love this line - Nothing is too hard to do. If you want it, you can do it.

Kirstin Mckee said...

Wonderful selection!

Stephanie Smith S.L. Smith Photography said...

Beautiful images, beautiful message

Maureen @ Cottage 960 said...

Love that subtle reflection in your photo. nice capture.
What an unusual way to share a message in the second. I love it!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

oh suki ...
the note on the bottom of the foot is precious ...
just what i want to put on our son's 'sole' this morning ...
thanks and *hugs* ~

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