Friday, August 10, 2012

Mosaic Muse ~ Film Friday (and get ready for 'Roid Week!)

As a lover of film, I've been super excited about our new Film Friday feature and Flickr group. I have been so happy seeing YOU all upload your film photos into our new group, creating an ever-widening circle of folks who still believe in film. It makes my heart happy. I want to keep encouraging you to share your film photographs with us – photos from your dusted off 35mm cameras, your Polaroids, your Instaxes, your lomography cameras, and your medium format ones, too. ALL film formats are welcome (and loved).

And speaking of all know of my deep and abiding adoration of Polaroid photographs, and I want you to jump in on the fun. ESPECIALLY NEXT WEEK. Why next week? Because it's 'Roid Week!! 'Roid Week is a celebration of instant film (all instant film is welcome) and the 2012 week is Aug 13 - Aug 17. Please grab your instant film cameras and join us in celebrating the glory and beauty that is instant film photography, and upload your photos to our Film Friday Flickr group. We will be featuring lots of instant photography here at Mortal Muses next week and we're so excited to see YOUR shots!

You might be wondering what we'll do for Mobile Monday given the week is dedicated to instant film photography. Fear not, Mobile Shooters. Show us your instant-film like mobile photos in the Mobile Monday Flickr group. There are great apps like Shake It and Polamatic that give you the look and vibe of instant film!

Can't wait to see what you and all the Muses have in store for 'Roid Week! In the meantime, here are some recent film beauties from our fabulous Muse community.

Meghan of Life Refocused

1. to be alone with you - 224/365, 2. Strawberry Picking, 3. (portfolio #17) IMG006 for web, 4. Flower seller, 5. getting ready for burgers, 6. Untitled