Sunday, May 8, 2011

and the next theme is... THE SHAPE OF THINGS

trim 2
trim 2 by lucy.loomis

For our next theme, we are looking for GEOMETRIC SHAPES. Your submitted photographs may be of any subject matter but they must contain a circle, square, rectangle, triangle, etc.  While it need not be the only item in the photo, it should be easily recognizable.

Thank you
Thank you by Suki_Photography

Grab your cameras and seek out items from everyday life, either natural or man-made.  Try using this as a basis for a fun scavenger hunt and collect one of each shape.  I think you will be surprised at how many you will find. 

Day 240
Day 240 by AprilMN

Are you ready for some RELAXATION?  Muse Kat starts us off tomorrow.
Until then, I am putting my feet up and grabbing a good book. Ahhhhh...

tammy lee of bliss and folly


Kirstin said...

I do like a challenge, Tammy! And this is going to be a good one.

urban muser said...

A great theme. I'll be on the lookout for shapes this week. I love these photos!!

Pink Tree Studio said...

This looks like fun!

buyaionaccounts said...

Sure lot of fun in haunting the perfect spot. Love the last photo idea polygons and sunlight, pretty.

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