Tuesday, April 19, 2011

get in line

I had a hard time settling on my two photos for this post.  I've been noticing and photographing repeating patterns all over the place since we announced the theme.  Patterns--especially lines--are everywhere in an urban setting.  With so many buildings, stairs, windows, doors, bricks, tracks, streets...I basically live inside a grid.

I saw this man sitting at the Federal Hall National Memorial on Wall Street recently. The steps of this building are usually quite crowded, as it's just across the street from the New York Stock Exchange and is also a tourist destination in its own right.  I thought I should capture this rare solitary moment in a place usually buzzing with people.

I assume there is no shortage of architectural patterns and lines in Seattle either.  I love how the strong lines in Rain City Girl's photo create the diamond shapes on several different angles of the building facade.  The Seattle Public Library looks like a beautiful place.

See you soon!

~christy of urban muser

                                                                                                              diamonds~ by Rain City Girl


Kirstin said...

Oh these architectural patterns are so very perfect in b&w. Lovely post.

Clare B said...

Great choice of photos Christy - Rain City Girl's photo is wonderful in black and white

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Love these in black & white. Helps you concentrate solely on the patterns. Perfect ending to a wonderful 9 days! :)

Jamie said...

Wow - these are stunning!

Anna said...

Great photos! I love the geometry that is everywhere in the city. I just spent a week in the big city, so my photos have been all about abstract patterns and lines, too.

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