Monday, January 10, 2011

feeling blue

“Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again”
~L. Frank Baum

I love the color blue, always have. As I searched through the flickr pool looking for my featured image for this theme I wasn't necessarily searching for something blue, but this photo by ShellyS really caught my eye.  It wasn't just the color, but also the texture, and how it made me wonder what exactly this was a photograph of?

After I made my choice I set out in search of my own blue inspiration.  Would it be blue water?  A tall building with a blue hue?  A blue subway tile?  And then I saw it, the ubiquitous "post no bills" sign that is stenciled on every blue scaffolding and construction site around New York City.  I zoomed in for a close-up to capture the detail of the grain in the painted wood.

These signs stem from an archaic law prohibiting people from posting advertisements, posters or notices on constructions walls--way before the digital age and the advent of craigslist.  I read that in the UK a similar warning reads "bill stickers will be prosecuted."  It made me you have these signs where you live?

~christy of urban muser

IMG_7157 by ShellyS


Brooke said...

Oh I love blue too! These pics are wonderful!

Clare B said...

looks a little like the macro of a rubber ball, or some other thing that needs "grip".

Jen said...

lots and lots of signs....haha. I love blue too.
nice quote!

ShellyS said...

Hi! Thanks for featuring my photo. For the curious, it's a macro shot of textured paper. :)

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Textured Paper? How awesome. Love this pairing! Great job ladies.

April said...

Wow, textured paper, so cool! Christy, you are bringing me back when I lived in NYC with all those signs, so fun!

Anna said...

The only postings in our wooded area seem to read "No Trespassing"! Loved the photos and the color blue is one of my favorites.

Jamie said...

Wow - rich color and warm texture. Amazing.

GailO said...

...I thought it was frozen blueberries:) Beautiful blues here!

Kirstin said...

I love the idea of you searching the streets for something blue, Christy! And textured paper...outrageously gorgeous!

Maureen said...

wonderful pairing, love the blueness
i too like the idea of you wandering in search of blue, love what you chose

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