Sunday, December 26, 2010

9 muses musing - SHINY

Choo Choo!
Choo Choo! by iluv2bauntie

“Sadly this Christmas passes away, so let us give thanks today, as we prepare for the year anew, with faith and hope to see it through.”
Author Unknown

Today I am giving away another gorgeous necklace.
It is a recycled scrabble tile with a birdie on the front. From Vanity Design.

I look forward to seeing your submissions for the prompt: SHINY.
Please link your blog or flickr url in the link provided below.

Your creative holiday prompt for tomorrow is: SHARING.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
♥ suki


Megan Belcher said...

What a gorgeous photo! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas :)

Rosie Grey said...

Such a great capture! I've tried several shots but unfortunately they were not shiny - so I enjoy all the entries here!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

um, can I win this?

Anonymous said...

oh what a great shot, and that little bird is darling!!

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