Saturday, December 18, 2010

9 muses musing - JOURNEY

the road home
the road home by jaebn
"I am thankful for safe journeys and beautiful places."

Fifteen years ago I moved cross-country for a new job, ostensibly for a year or two, but life being what it is, I ended up meeting the man whom I would later marry and have a child with and building a new life.  So journeys have become a theme for me, journeys back to where I came from and the people I left behind there, and then journeying away again to my second home.

The holidays in particular are a time when we journey - to see our loved ones, to reconnect, to return to our homes.

What images evoke the feeling of JOURNEY for you?
Please link your blog or flickr url in the link provided below.

Your creative holiday prompt for tomorrow is: VILLAGE.


Today's giveaway is just about the niftiest little doo-dad I ever did see:
a combination macro/wide-eye lens from Photojojo for - get this - your cellphone!
With the explosion in iphone photography, this is sure to elevate your cellphone images.

cheers to you and yours,


knitalatte said...

I really enjoyed reading this post and identify with your story. It is such a joy to go back to the places we left behind and reconnect with loved ones there. The journey by what ever means of transportation gives us the time for reflection and anticipation. Safe travels to you.

Jan said...

What a gorgeous shot!
I'm thinking hard on this one.
So far? nothing. LOL! ;)

Angie said...

I love this image. Wishing you safe travels!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Love this shot! Very peaceful. And how fun does that giveaway look? I love photojojo, and have seen this on their site before. Too cute. Thanks for doing this challenge over the holidays...I love it, and love being challenged to think outside the box. have a great weekend!

Rebecca Lewis said...

Beautifully captured, and what a cute little tool!

gina said...

Such a lovely image for the theme of journey. Sorry to see that the link above to my blog is the wrong post. You can go to today's post at

Unknown said...

It is entirely possible I have a one-track mind right now. I love all these images of roads and walkways. I'm so enjoying musing with you all!

Debby said...

Beautiful picture. Journeys can be so much fun when good things happen. Happy Holidays.

Kirstin said...

Kim, I love this post. It's not the destination, it's all about the getting there.

blue elephant photography said...

the photos are great!

Marie said...

This is just breathtaking...although I don't like to be cold, I am compelled to find this road and journey along...

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